Our Story

What makes the Foodswapp co-founders work as a team is their shared pursuit of knowledge and adventure. We’re a curious bunch who like to know how things work and create better solutions for existing problems. Add 2 parts Mechanical Engineering with 3 parts Advertising and Design with 1 part Graphic Design into the mix and you get an eager team ready to take on the decline of healthy eating in the workplace. We all know that healthy means different things to different people which is part of what makes FoodSwapp unique. There is no gold standard which you have to adhere to. It’s about trying to new things, upcycling, maybe making a friend or two along the way, and most importantly banning boring lunches.

Between the three of us, we hail from 2 different countries, speak at least 5 different languages, and have 6 degrees and counting. Although none of us are native to the UK it is here where we met and here where we currently live and work. We have each witnessed first hand the sad reality that most Britons eat uninspired meals at their desks day in and day out if they bother to eat an actual meal at all. We don’t mean to pass judgement, really we don’t, it’s just that the reality doesn’t have to be so grim!

Our approach puts you first. It’s a win-win-win really. We’re encouraging people to get away from their a bit more often. Don’t settle for something you don’t want just because that’s all you have. Just because you eat the same thing everyday doesn’t mean everyone else does. What’s become boring and stayed to you could be something new and exciting for your cute coworker down the hall…or in the building next door. It’s time we reach out to our communities and tackle this issue together. But there’s never been any harm in having fun as you go. Nowadays we all know how to swipe right anyway, so let’s do it for something that will actually fuel our afternoons.

Visit the Meet the Founders page to learn more about what makes each of us tick. Say hello if you like, tell what you love or hate about the app. Or just drop us a line and tell us what you’re favourite sarnie is.