For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How does it work?

A: Post your food, Swipe right or left (just like Tinder), find a match, connect and enjoy the sweet taste of victory, oh, and the food.


Q: Can you trust who you swap with?

A: Humans should really trust each other more. You’re swapping with co-workers and people in your community… so hopefully. Otherwise there is the rating section and if the food is really bad you can report them to be removed.


Q: How many times can I swap a in day?

A: Every 4 hours.


Q: Why can I swap only every 4 hours?

A: For your own safety. Trust us.


Q: What If I don’t like the food?

A: Sorry, rate the person, avoid a swap in the future or give it another chance!


Q: What if the person I matched with flakes?

A: No worries, you always have your own food.


Q: Why do I need this?

A: Not just because we said so, but we did. It’s a great chance to try something new and see what the world has to offer. Do you need anymore reasons? Contact Us.