We Don't Bite.

Noelle Ghanem

Noelle was born in Paris and raised in Lebanon, two countries famous for their delicious cuisine! Noelle is many things, but boring is not one of them. She is always looking for the next adventure and is such a busy bee it puts the rest of the team to shame. Noelle studied Advertising and Design at l'Academie libanaise des beaux arts (Alba) in Beirut, then moved to Rome for a stint working for a fashion magazine there. When she’d had her full of Pizza, Lasagne and Ice cream, Noelle decided it was time to go to the UK for her next adventure. There, Noelle met Liseanne and Max pursuing her Masters in Advertising and Design. Noelle currently lives in London, working as a Designer and Digital Marketing Executive, a co-founder of another StartUp called The Bridge and busy with making FoodSwapp a reality.

Liseanne Miller

A New Yorker by birth and a vegetarian by choice. Liseanne loves cooking, but who doesn’t. She’s not the strict recipe type, but more of a "wing it as you open your cupboards and fridge to see what ingredients you actually have," type of chef. She has a small windowsill garden which she hopes to expand where she grows basil, orchids, and the occasional leek or lettuce stump. Liseanne has been studying graphic design since she was a kid, and has always been a collector of things and experiences. Her main focus is promoting positive social change. As Creative Director, Liseanne makes FoodSwapp look, feel and sound the way it does so if you have any complaints or suggestions, she’s your girl.

Maxwell Brunhart

Max is from Salt Lake City, Utah. He went to Portland, OR. for his undergraduate in Mech. Eng. where he also found a food mecca. Gallivanting around the mountains and the beaches, a love for food and beer grew. Max decided to go back to school and complete a M.Sc. and found a lovely little school across the pond in Leeds, U.K. He decided to stay afterwards to complete his Ph.D. despite the incorrect spelling and strange words he saw everywhere. Max is now also a happy cofounder of FoodSwapp, swapping left and right!

Elias Maalouf

Elias is from a small village in Lebanon and is currently studying Computer Science at the Lebanese American University in Byblos. As our resident developer he enjoys taking things apart and putting things together. By understanding how things work, Elias can fix just about any problem he sets his mind to. Not only can you find Elias coding late at night but his passions extend to psychology, politics and a love of planes. And of course what binds all the founders is a shared love of food. Growing up in Lebanon there is no shortage of this although Elias will tell you that his favorite food is Italian Lasagne.