The days of playground bartering may be long gone, but the memories linger on. Let’s be real, we all remember the tension of who will make their trade first, wondering who will get duped, or who will triumph. Your popularity was defined by how good your snacks were all the while the parental unit preparing your lunch was unaware that one snack could make or break your social status. Before we ever had to deal in ‘real’ money we all understood the concept of currency.

Although the popularity contests might be over and the opportunities for lunch endless, one thing remains constant. We still want what other people have…not in a greedy covetous way, but in a ‘damn Daniel, you nailed your lunch game today, way’. Although on paper there really is no excuse to bring a #saddesklunch to work, the reality of what we are ‘eating’ on a daily basis can is rather grim. It’s time to embrace the green monster inside us all and bring back the concept of playground bartering. After all, it’s a skill we all share and a reward to be had by all. The competition for the most part has been taken out of it. No one cares about how popular your food will make you, although your peers may still be jealous that you’ve wised up and beat them at the lunch game. The good news is it’s all gravy and haters can join the party too.

Foodswapp allows you to do the unthinkable: swap your lunch for someone else’s. Lunch becomes your oyster, steak bake, pesto courgetti or whatever it is you are into. It’s time to try something new and maybe meet someone new along the way too. After all, you know how the saying goes…one ‘man’s’ lunch is another ‘man’s’ feast. So what are you waiting for, download Foodswapp and start looking forward to your lunch break.